luni, 21 noiembrie 2016

The perfect White City escort

Last night I had an amazing time with an escort from Nyx Escorts, one of the best agencies in London. She was called Carina and she was nothing like any other escort that I had ever met. I was amazed by how calm, sensual, seductive and polite she was. Our date was absolutely perfect, sitting face to face over the same table in a restaurant that she chose according to my requirements was like I was having a date with a woman that had known me for years. She was nothing less than the true perfection of a lady, the way she spoke, listened and dressed was something out of this world. Carina was so open minded and good at entertaining a man that I wanted nothing more than to keep her for a whole week. Our date was very romantic and exciting especially due to the fact that Carina was a true master of conversation. She was paying attention to everything I was saying and she was extremely friendly and fun.

This amazing White City escort knew exactly how to make me feel cherished during the whole time we spent together on our dinner date. I loved the fact that she knew how to choose the place we would have fun in according to my preferences and my personality and she knew how to work with my demanding attitude. Carina was so good at providing her services that I knew immediately that I was in the presence of a real professional. As stunning as she was, Carina was also delicate and charming, I loved the way she dressed because she knew how to use her clothes to compliment her stunning body and to be both sensual and seductive but elegant in the same time.

I was having the most romantic date of my life, but when we reached home I got to see another side of Carina that was even more amazing. The way she knew how to give pleasure to a man was something out of this world. She knew exactly how and where to touch me so that my senses would go haywire and she knew how to give a proper OWO. I loved every moment spent in the company of lovely Carina and I enjoyed her every little touch and kiss. She took me to plains of pleasure and satisfaction that I did not know existed before. 

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